Donation To Amazon Watch

Of $90 in store sales, & $408 in commissions, a total of $498 was raised between August 24th & September 2nd, $250 of which were donated to Amazon Watch this morning.

Thank you so much for supporting my work & a great cause!

Precious Henshaw
Liliaceae • My First Digital Painting

I created a digital painting using the app Procreate on an iPad mini 2. What an awesome challenge this was! I followed my first instinct & approached this like a traditional painting.


I started out with a sketch layer using a pencil brush, then in a new layer, I began adding values in monochrome, using different sized airbrushes to render & blending with the smudge tool as I went.


After finishing the monochrome layer, I started a new layer and changed the layer property to “Color”, then selected “Hue”. This allowed me to add color without losing the details & values underneath.


I’m looking forward to continuing to improve in digital alongside my traditional work!

Precious Henshaw
Supporting The Amazon Rainforest Crisis

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The Amazon Rainforest crisis is devastating, threatening the lives of 1 million indigenous people & our ecosystem. From today until September 2nd, I will be donating 50% of sales from my store to Amazon Watch, a nonprofit organization supporting & protecting the sustainability of indigenous peoples’ livelihoods, the rainforest, & our climate.

I’ve included more information below about what is happening, why it is important & affects all of us, & another way you can help if you are unable to support through financial means.


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Deforestation is the process of converting forest to industrial land for agriculture. The number of fires in the Amazon Rainforest have increased by 83% since last year, & it is currently burning uncontrollably at a record rate.

These fires greatly threaten the lives of indigenous tribes who call the Amazon their home. The rainforest is also of vital importance for slowing down global warming via carbon storage. When trees are cut down & burned, the carbon is released into our atmosphere, accounting for about 10% of all global warming emissions. The Amazon Rainforest is the largest in the world, home to 10 million species of plants, insects & animals, making up 10% of the entire Earth’s known biodiversity.

Another way to help if you cannot donate:
Reducing meat & soy consumption - the production of meat, soy & other agricultural products is a driving force for deforestation. Consumer demand affects supply - less demand, in theory, means less deforestation.

Charities if you’d like to donate directly:
• Amazon Conservation Association
• Amazon Conservation Team
• Amazon Watch
• Rainforest Foundation US
• Rainforest Trust
• Rainforest Action Network

Precious Henshaw

Leisurelandia is a resting place - a soft, endless flower bed where one may find themselves completely (but pleasantly) consumed!


For this oil painting on canvas, I wanted to give the illusion of movement, as though the flowers were flowing around my subject like water.


This dreamy original painting is available on my store, & I also made just one print if you’re interested in adopting it!

Precious Henshaw