Floracosm's Home Base

When you appear into a dream, do you recognize where you are?

I can’t always tell exactly where I am supposed to be, but sometimes there’s a particular place I appear into that feels strangely familiar.

When I first appeared here, I found the flora dense, overgrown, & towering above my head in a terrifying way. After years of recurring appearances, I made a discovery.

In the dreamworld, this wilderness represents the home base of every dream I have ever had. No matter where I happen to appear in a dream, all roads eventually lead back here.

With paracosm being a detailed imaginary world, & flora being plant life, this is a piece of my floracosm, the center of my dreamworld’s map.

self portrait, oil on gessobord.

self portrait, oil on gessobord.

Portrait Commission of Gabriel

My youngest subject yet, this three-year-old boy was a joy to work on! My client gave me free rein to do as I pleased with the background. I knew immediately that I wanted to incorporate colors into his surroundings that would blend softly into each other.

This was also my first time painting on wood, which presented a few unique challenges. This wood was extremely absorbent, even after priming with three layers of gesso, which meant I had to apply several more layers of paint than usual to ensure the piece would turn out as vibrant as I wanted it to be. Another challenge was the rough texture of the surface. Even though I had sanded the surface down with sandpaper beforehand, the rough wood texture made it more difficult for paint to layer and blend evenly. Still, I am glad I had this experience with wood and I look forward to getting better at working on it!


I wanted to explore an analogous color scheme consisting of green, blue & purple. It was a lot of fun to layer on these colors and blend them into each other (even with the challenge of doing so on wood!) I hope both my client and her son enjoy their new piece.

I hope you enjoy this video my client shared with me, of his daughter opening the painting I created for her & her sweet reaction!

Blog Feature

Thank you so much for featuring my work on your blog, Tenane! Visit    their blog        to read more.

Thank you so much for featuring my work on your blog, Tenane! Visit their blog to read more.

Girasol • Experimenting With Color

Girasol is sunflower in Spanish. There is something about the juxtaposition of portraiture with nature that gives me a special kind of energy. I will likely continue this exploration for a long time - for me, it communicates the intimacy humans share with the inherently beautiful and powerful force of nature.

Placing flowers in hair is one way I intend to explore this juxtaposition. I knew how large I wanted the flowers to be and exactly where I wanted them placed. Originally, however, the color scheme was meant to be analogous. The background would simply have green foliage.

It would certainly work, but there was something too simple about it. It wasn’t inspiring. The peaceful, quiet analogous color scheme that worked for other pieces just did not seem to work for this one.

I tried a few colors until I landed on purple, yellow’s contrast, for the background. Suddenly, electricity colored her surroundings. Her aura became highly stimulating & charged with energy, and I was pleased.