Girasol • Experimenting With Color

Girasol is sunflower in Spanish. There is something about the juxtaposition of portraiture with nature that gives me a special kind of energy. I will likely continue this exploration for a long time - for me, it communicates the intimacy humans share with the inherently beautiful and powerful force of nature.

Placing flowers in hair is one way I intend to explore this juxtaposition. I knew how large I wanted the flowers to be and exactly where I wanted them placed. Originally, however, the color scheme was meant to be analogous. The background would simply have green foliage.

It would certainly work, but there was something too simple about it. It wasn’t inspiring. The peaceful, quiet analogous color scheme that worked for other pieces just did not seem to work for this one.

I tried a few colors until I landed on purple, yellow’s contrast, for the background. Suddenly, electricity colored her surroundings. Her aura became highly stimulating & charged with energy, & I was pleased.


This original painting is available for adoption, along with prints.

Precious Henshaw