Portrait Commission of Gabriel

My youngest subject yet, this three-year-old boy was a joy to work on! My client gave me free rein to do as I pleased with the background. I knew immediately that I wanted to incorporate colors into his surroundings that would blend softly into each other.

This was also my first time painting on wood, which presented a few unique challenges. This wood was extremely absorbent, even after priming with three layers of gesso, which meant I had to apply several more layers of paint than usual to ensure the piece would turn out as vibrant as I wanted it to be. Another challenge was the rough texture of the surface. Even though I had sanded the surface down with sandpaper beforehand, the rough wood texture made it more difficult for paint to layer and blend evenly. Still, I am glad I had this experience with wood and I look forward to getting better at working on it!


I wanted to explore an analogous color scheme consisting of green, blue & purple. It was a lot of fun to layer on these colors and blend them into each other (even with the challenge of doing so on wood!) I hope both my client and her son enjoy their new piece.