Portrait of Zahira Kelly • Bad_Dominicana

When Zahira posted a photo on her Instagram with blue locs and pink rose accessories, I knew it would have to be my next painting, mainly because my favorite analogous color scheme is blue-purple-pink. It was a match made in heaven, quite literally.

I decided to incorporate purple by adding tropical leaves to the foreground. I also added roses to the bottom of the frame as a continuation of the roses in her hair. The background took on a loose, dreamy feel, with floating lights to add a magical touch. Finally, I wanted to highlight her earrings and septum jewelry, so I used reflective gold paint.


I used Gamblin oil paints on canvas panel. The gold paint I used for the jewelry is by Winsor and Newton. I put this painting in a gold frame and sent it to her.

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Precious Henshaw
Serenity’s Gaze • Exploring Calmness

One night, I appeared in a hazy, post-rain environment. Sunlight struggled to penetrate the thick mist. The scent of flowers filled the air, attracting pollinators to its sweet center. I forgot myself, and before I knew it, the place melted away. It was a dream, I realized after I woke. But I had felt the mist on my skin, seen the diffusion of the sun’s light, and taken in the aroma of my surroundings. This place would only exist in my memory, unless I recreated precisely what I had dreamed.

Using analogous colors helped me reproduce the absolute tranquility I had experienced. For the background, I wanted my brushstrokes to mimic the post-rain haze and the suggestion of bright light behind it.


This original painting is available for adoption, along with prints.

Precious Henshaw